Tim Trenson

Tim Trenson has always equated the act of drawing with his painting. For him, drawing is a complicated, time-consuming and independent undertaking. Just as his paintings show the uneasy nature of his exuberant formal language. He builds up his paintings while drawing with the coarse brush, layer by layer. Sometimes careful and thoughtful, sometimes rash and reckless.

Trenson makes work that is not entirely abstract. When referring to recognisable elements in his work, he prefers the word figuration to representation. Perhaps we recognise a body or an interior, often just its suggestion.

The most important aspect is his concern with the question of priority. Colour first or form first? Figure or do we stick to a brush stroke? Trenson’s works represent both presence and absence. They are seemingly nervous works with a high dose of psychology. They are paintings that indulge while looking.

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