Rebecca Dufoort

°1973, Tielt, BE

Painting has formed the basis in the visual work of Rebecca Dufoort (b. 1973, Tielt) for more than 25 years in order to investigate the fundamental elements such as form, line, color, format and painting technique.

A consistently driven pictorial focus on planes and lines can clearly be seen in her work.

Portions of the landscape, delineated water features and the additions or interstices of architectural details are the starting point to arrive at a personally pared-down work that displays its own arrangement of strips and planes.

Usually, the work is worked in a series, creating a system of rhythms and shades of color within the works but also between the different works, thus forming a balanced coherence.

The choice of support varies from stretched canvas, mdf, osb, cardboard, recycled materials such as wooden blocks, disassembled wooden wine crates,…

By often giving the work a closed or open sculptural support, it gains a dimension by which it may or may not be drawn closer to the viewer. This enhances the depth effect in the work.

In an inexhaustible way, she works with matter and color.

Both oil and acrylic paints are combined.

The depth effect within the adjacent or overlapping colors plays an important role in the work. Often the varied light-dark hues of blue and green refer to the sky between architectural details and landscape, water features. The use of the color white creates an unfilled spaciousness that leaves a positive, zen feeling.

The planes and strips are painted with an instinctive quiet or more direct, layered or not. This softens the constructive, geometric and often minimalist-looking work and gives it a more plastic feel.

The quiet strength that the work exudes is the core of this painterly research that seeks to impart an engaging feeling, tranquility to the viewer as a counterbalance to our zeitgeist.

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