Hilde Goossens

°1978, Sint-Niklaas, BE
Works and resides in Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Belgium

Hilde Goossens started an art education in 1995 in Sint-Lucas Ghent, Belgium, and graduated in 1997 with the highest honours.

Now based in the Flemish Ardennes in Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Belgium, her artistic expression takes the form of acrylic paintings on paper, inspired by her daily life, contemplative walks, and unforgettable travels, often captured through the lens of her smartphone. These acrylic paintings on paper serve as the foundation for larger canvases. Her style is characterized by its power of suggestion, where she skillfully strips away extraneous details, leaving only the essence of her subjects. In a weekly post, she weaves together her writings from her personal diary with these frozen memories, artfully rendered in silenced hues.

She had solo exhibitions in Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium, the public Library in Zottegem, Belgium and in Cultural Center De Meent in Alsemberg, Belgium. She was included in group exhibitions in PMMK, Ostend, Belgium (now Muzee) and Textielmuseum Ghent, Belgium. Her work is part of the private collection Merode in Ronse, Belgium.

solo exhibitions

2024, OSD, Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Belgium
2024, Thuis, Kunstkamer Oudenaarde, Belgium

2023, OSD, Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Belgium

2022, Altijd Onderweg, De Weverij, Evergem, Belgium
2022, OSD, Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Belgium

2021, Onderweg, Yes Art Gallery, Sint-Idesbald, Belgium

2019, Onderweg, Cultureel Centrum De Meent, Alsemberg, Belgium
2019, Onderweg, L’Atelier, Aalst, Belgium

2018, Onderweg, Expo18, Ostend, Belgium
2018, Onderweg, Casa 93, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

2017, OSD, Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Belgium
2017, Galerij Huis Huis, Ghent, Belgium
2017, Kunstroute Oosterzele, Pastorie, Balegem, Belgium

2016, Patronen, Artist of the month at Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium
2016, Structuren, ID+Art Center, Hamme, Belgium

2015, Af-wachtend, Theater Scala, Ghent, Belgium
2015, Af-wachten, Public Library, Zottegem, Belgium

2008, Lines, Castle of Blauwendale, Waasmunster, Belgium
2008, Lines: the Second Episode, Pastorij Sombeke, Belgium

2006, ‘t Latemke, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium
2006, OSD, Waasmunster, Belgium
2006, Au Bord du Lac, Eke, Belgium

group exhibitions

2024, Private Views, Hamme, Belgium
2024, Private Views, Sombeke, Belgium
2024, Promenades, Flooat Gallery, Aalter, Belgium
2024, CAS, Oostende, Belgium
2024, Home, The Green Door Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2023, De rol van de vrouw in de kunst, Het Kunstkot, Hamme, Belgium
2023, Crux Interpretum, De Meesterwoning, Hamme, Belgium
2023, Coupee Cahier, Industriemuseum Ghent, Belgium
2023, Licht, lucht en water, ID Collectief, Hamme, Belgium
2023, De intimiteit van papier, ID Collectief, Hamme, Belgium

2022, Circus Humanus, Heemkring, Hamme, Belgium

2021, Lustrum, Overzichtstentoonstelling 2016>2021, Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium
2021, De Sacraliteit van het Licht, Kunstforum De Koolputten, Waasmunster, Belgium
2021, Schatten zoeken in Schetsboeken, Kunstroute, Hamme, Belgium

2020, Onderhuids, Kunstforum De Koolputten, Waasmunster, Belgium

2019, Landscap, Square42, Ostend, Belgium
2019, Gelaagdheid, DACA loft, Hamme, Belgium
2019, It’s time Square42 show!, Ostend, Belgium
2019, Kunst in de huiskamer, Hamme, Belgium

2018, VLOT, Square42, Ostend, Belgium
2018, Rendez-vous, Gallery Resonans, Ghent, Belgium
2018, COUP/E/E, Brussel Noord, Belgium
2018, Picturale Connecties, ID Collectief, Hamme, Belgium
2018, Kastelenkunstroute, Zottegem, Belgium
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