Jimmy Pauli

Bruges, 21 March 1966
Marktstraat 23, 1745 Opwijk, 0032494/50 17 04

After studying in many artistic disciplines and training in art schools,
I began to study sculpture around twenty years ago because it was the only
visual art that I hadn’t practiced until then. As an interior designer I already had
to draw a lot, so it was an ideal change.

From the first day, I was fascinated by the fact that suddenly all my ideas, which
until then, had always been conceived in 2 dimensions were suddenly filling the
space and you could feel the material.

Furthermore, during this apprenticeship I developed a huge fascination with
abstracting the human body in different ways and in doing so I am constantly
experimenting to see how far a human body can be abstracted without losing its
human aspect and become purely formal.

As I created more and more sculptures, I also began to experiment with
different materials that are rarely used in classical sculpture. As a result,
I developed my own way of working. After a first sketch, my first preliminary
studies are always made in modeling wax so that I can work on them in peace
and without time constraints until the perfect shape appears.

Then I can choose the medium on which I can enlarge the image or simply finish
the study. They are cast in solid plaster molds. The wax is melted out, then
poured with a mixture of massive polyester and various additives depending on
the final look I want to achieve, bluestone, rust, metal, etc.

2009 : Shire Diegem Solo show
2017 : Prima Mostra Opwijk Solo Show
2018 : Art in Empty Houses Opwijk Group Show
2019 : Art in Gardens Grembergen Group Show
2019 : Art in Empty Houses Mazenzele Group Show
2019 : The Middlepoint Opdorp Group Show
2020 : KIK (Kunst In Knokke) Knokke Solo show
2021 : Light (corona edition) Opwijk Group show
2022 : Thinking Out Of The Box Opwijk Solo show
2024 : Art in Empty Houses Opwijk Group Show


2020 : Kunstpoort by Bert Vannoten for the KIK exhibition


2015 : L’évolution https://youtu.be/no_Qyg_2MAU
2015 : Malto Salto https://youtu.be/ACEdRrnvrjY
2017 : Mini Snail 1 https://youtu.be/ojk2N8wWkMY
2020 : XX/XV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS8UejHhITw

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